Saturday, January 5, 2013


We met Yung D back in 2006, in Memphis Tennessee while we were promoting shows and our magazine ( StreetMasters ), and he was promoting and doing shows for his new hit single at the time ( I'm Certified ). Certified was the hottest hip hop / rap single to be played on the radio at that time and it was also the theme song for Cricket Wireless Communication Phone Company. Yung D' Certified was doing very well in the streets, the clubs, on the radio and through out the south. As we( Street & I ) were promoting, we would see Yung D promoting and selling his CD's, performing / opening up for various artist like Lil Bootsie and so on. Years later Yung D signed a record deal with Three Six Mafia and wrote, Lolli Lolli
, which also was a number 1 song / hit written by Yung D, for Three Six but featuring Yung D. Yung D received a BMI award for his talent and writting the number one song in the country at that time (2008); which happened to been right after Three Six had won an Oscar Award for their hit single, Hard Out Here for A Pimp, on the Movie and sound track, Hustle and Flow, written and produced by, Mr. John Singleton and Co-Produced by, Mr. Craig Brewer. Since then Mr. Rogers -aka- Mack Memphis has always been a fan of Yung D. Being that Mack Memphis is in the entertainment business himself, he has been following the careers of various artist; Then one day Yung D crossed his mind. Being a friend and a fam, Mack Memphis reached out to Yung D and Yung D reached back. They talked about a partnership to market, promote and help Yung D out in his strive to stay successful in the hip hop industry. At that time ( last year ), Yung D told Mack Memphis, what ever he needed or Yung D had to do that he would do or give Mack Memphis to get it started. Yung D explained to Mack Memphis that he was working on two CD's; One which you see above and is not a mixtape but a CD of all original music, lyrics and hooks. Yung D said that he was going to release the CD on 12/12/12 and wanted to give it away for free to the public, and if Mack Memphis could help, he would work with him. So from there the two friends hooked up and collabed their companies MEG ( Monumental Entertainment Group ) & SUSO RECORDS, to market, promote, book shows, tours and more.


  1. I'm From Memphis And I own a copy of Yung D's CD that was released and on the streets 12.12.12! I am here to WARN U ALL if u don't want to here the truth....if you don't like good music from A to Z DO NOT TOUCH YUNG D'S CD'S and God forbid u put it to ur ears CUS IT WILL BE LIFE CHANGING!!!!!!!! WISHING THE MAN NOTHING BUT THE BEST AND PRAYING THAT GOD GIVES HIM NOT some BUT ALL HIS HEART DESIRE AND MORE! CHECK HIM OUT Y'ALL..........IF U AIN'T HEARD OF HIM PLZ BELIEVE U WILL IN A SECOND! signing out!

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