Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Three Talented Teens In New Albany, Mississippi Seek Their Big Break

Thank you for visiting our blog site at SUSORECORDS.blogger.com. We are here to market and promote our artist and any artist whom wishes to be promoted by one of the best on and off line promoters in the Hip Hop Music Industry. The first of our artist on deck is a young teenage group of three brothers, Yung And Sippin or them Yung And Sippin Bois, from New Albany, Mississippi. Here in one of their latest videos sponsored by Scales Entertainment & SUSO Records, Cheeze Bell (14), Grim Repar (13) & Trey Gotti (10) would like for you to checkout their hooks, beats and lyrics. PLAYGROUND, By Trey Gotti & Cheeze Bell of Yung And Sippin Certified - Yung And Sippin - On Sale Now

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